Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings

Seasons come and go. So why don't we say "season's greetings" all year around? This season's greeting for me and my famiy it is "Merry Christmas!" I love hearing it in other languages too. Should we try to hide our faith behind some more neutral, trying not to offend type greeting? It doesn't work. They will simply be offended by something else - a look perhaps. Grow up for Christ's sake. Say your greeting and promote diversity instead of bowing to monotony and a forced lack of respect for individual freedom and spiritual integrity.

Why the greater attack on the Christian holiday? Maybe because it is a gift thing. We have them! We have the ultimate gift! But like days of old, many don't get the spirit behind the act of giving and the gift itself.

My prayer is this; may you all be richly blessed by the spirit of Christmas whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not.

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